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We help radio stations streaming audio programs from studios to transmitting station sites around the world in real time

Ultra-long distance transmission (3000KM+)

Establish a fm radio transmitting site under obstructions

One program will be transmitted to multiple transmitter sites around the earth

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Main feature

Ultra-long Distance Transmission (3000KM+)

We use the latest 5G plus audio transmission technology to establish radio coverage signals in any densely populated areas. The distance between the studio and the transmitting site is no longer an obstacle.

Establish A Fm Radio Transmitting Site Under Obstructions

Any place where you have resources can become a radio station, so that the connection between your studio and the radio station is not affected by mountains, trees, and building obstacles. Even the height of the transmission tower you rent is only 1/3 of the surrounding buildings.You also can create an exclusive radio station.

One Program Will Be Transmitted To Multiple Transmitter Sites Around The Earth

You just need to build a studio and make one channel that audiences love. FMUSER-STL help you use the same FM radio frequency license to transmit to radio stations across the country in real time.

Zero radiation and license Free

Located in a densely populated community, people do not want to see the huge antennas erected on the surrounding roofs. Radio stations can use FMUSER-STL to completely avoid people’s concerns about radiation and avoid using traditional STL that requires an RF license.

Switch The Program at any time

The local radio station can switch to play another program in the FMUSER-STL APP menu at any time according to local needs.